Due Diligence and Market Analysis

Sound decision-making depends on coming to grips with both the drivers of a business internally and the environment in which the business operates. While much of our work is limited to the internal elements of a business, we also conduct market which allows our clients to better navigate the broader eco-system or market segments in which their businesses operate.

We invite you to talk to us about how we can assist in understanding the external drivers of value in a business provides the basis for effective communication of these to existing and prospective stakeholders.

QED Solutions undertakes a wide range of Due Diligence investigations on behalf of its clients. These include detailed forensic and reputational investigations through to providing broader market perspectives. These then explain the dynamics of a particular market as well as setting out the linkage upstream and downstream to market sectors and describing the broader ecosystem in which a firm operates. We offer a regulatory analysis of sectors requiring licences or which operate in highly regulated sectors of an economy.

We like to work closely with our clients in this aspect of our consulting work. It is often through open and frank interactions that the most surprisig and relevant findings can be made. These types of discussions also allow our clients to understand where the areas of greater risk might lie and therefore how better to mitigate these risks.